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Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Facelift in Pittsburgh: Ask Plastic Surgeon Dr. Chiu

Frequently Asked Questions About Facelifts

1. If you have a facelift, will it look obvious and unnatural?

Having a natural, rejuvenated look after a facelift procedure very much depends on the plastic surgeon you choose, as not all plastic surgeons are created equal.  Dr. Chiu focuses his practice on facial plastic surgery, and he specializes in performing facelift surgery with advanced techniques that ensure that you will look as natural and unoperated as possible. 

2. What age do I get a facelift?

The average age of women and men who get a facelift is between 40 and 70, although some people who are younger or older than this age group may also be candidates.  If you choose to undergo a facelift when you are younger, the facelift results tend to last longer, and you can enjoy the results for that many more years.  If you are older, you will likely experience a more "extreme makeover".

3. Am I a good candidate for a facelift procedure?

The best candidate for a facelift is a healthy man or woman who: 1) notices drooping in the jowls, sagging in the face/cheek, and loss of a defined/youthful neckline; 2) wants improvement in these areas, and 3) is realistic about his/her expectations.  Many patients are able to communicate their goals by repeating what they do at home daily in front of the mirror, that is, by repositioning the sagging jowls/face in a upward direction that also improves their neck line.  During your first consultation with Dr. Chiu, he will assess your facial features carefully and discuss with you what face and neck lifts can and cannot do for you, as well as they type of facelift he would recommend for you.  During your consultation, Dr. Chiu may also discuss with you complementary  noninvasive enhancement procedures, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic injections and dermal filler injections such as Juvederm® and Restylane®.

4. What anesthesia does Dr. Chiu use for my facelift surgery?

Typically, facelift surgery will be performed either under general anesthesia (as you sleep), or under IV sedation (twilight).  In some case, local anesthesia can be utilized.

5. How long does the procedure take?

Typically Dr. Chiu takes a few hours for a mini facelift, to several hours for a full face and neck lift.  Whereas you hear a lot of hype about certain facelifts that take an hour, or "lunchtime lifts" that get you back to work after your lunchtime break, Dr. Chiu believes in performing facelift procedures that will give his patients real results that will last.

6. Where are the facelift incisions placed?

Dr. Chiu is extremely meticulous when it comes to planning and executing incision placement, and he takes extra care to ensure that your incisions heal quickly and leave unnoticeable, if not invisible, scars.  Other plastic and cosmetic surgeons may leave facelift incisions that are visible and/or incorrectly placed.  But Dr. Chiu is a superspecialist when it comes to facelift and mini facelift procedures, and he specializes in achieving natural facelift results for you by carefully designing your facelift incision to avoid an "operated" look.  Facelift incisions are modified and adjusted based on examination of your face, your goals, and the type of facelift recommended.  During your consultation with Dr. Chiu at our Pittsburgh practice, he will fully evaluate you in detail and discuss with you the plan for incision placement. 

7. What can I expect with my recovery from my facelift procedure?

Before our patients have an in-depth facelift consultation at our Pittsburgh office, many are concerned about the downtime and recovery from facelift surgery, often due to the experiences of their family members or friends, or by what they see on television shows. However, Dr. Chiu's patients are consistently amazed by how quickly they recover from their facelift surgeries. Typically, after Dr. Chiu's facelifts, his patients experience very little or no pain. Bruising and swelling is patient dependent, but typically is mild and resolves within the first 4-7 days for a mini facelift and within the first 7-10 days for a facelift. Swelling is most pronounced for the first 48-72 hours. Most of the sutures are removed the first week. About two weeks after facelift surgery (or 7-10 days after a minilift), most people find that they can return to work. Makeup can be applied about 10 days after surgery.

8. Will my facelift surgery be painful?

Before our patients have an in-depth facelift consultation at our Pittsburgh office, some are concerned about pain from facelift surgery. However, Dr. Chiu's patients are consistently amazed by how quickly they recover from their facelift surgeries. Typically, after Dr. Chiu's facelifts, his patients experience very little or no pain, and use very little pain medication.

9. What are my activity restrictions after my facelift surgery?

A few special precautions are required during your recovery. Bending over, straining, and/or lifting can prolong swelling, and these activities are not recommended for two to three weeks after facelift surgery.  Strenuous excercises like running should also be avoided for three weeks.  You should avoid turning your neck for the first 10 days after surgery, and you may drive after the first week.

10.  If I have a facelift, will I have to have more facelifts?

A good facelift can make you look younger by seven to ten years, permanently! For example, this means that if you are currently 55, and undergo facelift surgery so that you appear to be 45, you will continue to look 10 years younger, always.  It is important to understand that facelift surgery cannot stop the aging process, but it can make you look more youthful, help you compete in the job market place, and just make you look as young as you feel. A second facelift operation is by no means necessary, but may be an option for certain individuals.


Facelift Surgery: Advice from Renowned Pittsburgh Facelift Surgeon Dr. Chiu

Not all plastic surgeons are created equal, and this is especially true when it comes to facelift and mini facelift surgery. Dr. Chiu is an extremely meticulous and detailed oriented facelift surgeon and expects for himself and for you the highest level of excellence as compared to his plastic surgeon peers. The majority of patients at our Pittsburgh office who choose to undergo facelift procedures are incredibly satisfied with their natural appearing results and quick recovery. Due to Dr. Chiu's unwavering perfectionism and experience in performing facelift surgery, you can be assured that he will be at least as demanding (if not more so) than yourself when it comes to the rejuvenating your face and regaining that youthful look that you always wanted!


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