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Dr. Chiu featured in Upper St. Clair Today Magazine

Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel Laser in Pittsburgh: Let the expert Dr. Chiu use his experience with the Fraxel Laser Treatment to achieve the best results for you!


"I just love the Fraxel™ results.  It didn't hurt, there is no pain at all, and I can already see how amazing it is!  I totally trust Dr. Chiu's guidance."    Nancy, Fraxel Laser Patient from Pittsburgh


We offer our patients FRAXEL® Laser Treatments, the premier laser rejuvenation procedure that produces real results with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime.  Pittsburgh plastic surgeon Dr. Chiu was the first cosmetic surgeon to use the groundbreaking Fraxel Laser in Pittsburgh.  He has presented his personal experience at international plastic surgery meetings and published his results in Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics.  The FRAXEL™ Laser is the recognized gold standard in treating acne scarring, as well as for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.  Dr. Chiu is also the only plastic/cosmetic surgeon in the Pittsburgh region who administers Fraxel treatments personally, and his patients very much appreciate his wealth of knowledge and extensive experience with this revolutionary laser treatment. 


Renowned Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon Dr. Chiu featured on the cover story of Upper St. Clair Today Magazine

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