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Our Practice Philosophy


Aging Gracefully

Dr. Robert Chiu blends a unique touch of surgeon skill with an artistic eye to create stunning aesthetic results that are natural and lasting for his patients. Without compromising the innate beauty his patients are naturally born with, Dr. Chiu believes in subtle enhancements that create dramatic outcomes. He devotes his practice to working with patients of all ages, helping them to age gracefully through every decade of life. While erasing facial lines, wrinkles, and imperfections are often the desired goal of many of his Pittsburgh-area clients, Dr. Chiu strives to produce consistent results that do not show obvious signs of surgery. This philosophy is important and used with every patient. Whether you are young and wish to work with Dr. Chiu for prevention, middle-aged and hope to make minor adjustments to maintain your youthfulness, or want to turn back the hands of time, Dr. Chiu can offer an abundance of solutions. He believes the face is a vastly important personal characteristic that should be taken well care of, maintained, and enjoyed for years to come.


Rapid Healing

Patients considering a facial procedure often feel anxious about the recovery and what to expect regarding how quickly they can get back to their regular routine. A rapid recovery approach following a cosmetic surgery procedure ranks as one of the most important aspects when considering overall patient satisfaction. Not only is surgeon skill a very important factor as it pertains to rapid recovery, but the consultation and post-operative care given becomes crucial. Dr. Chiu and our team of medical professionals counsel each patient to give them the pertinent information they need so that the proper care is taken after surgery. Our goal is to minimize any bruising and swelling, make certain the surgical site leaves minimal scarring, and most importantly, ensure patients can return to their daily activities as quickly as possible. Outstanding service, beautiful outcomes, rapid recovery, and lasting results are the standards that Dr. Chiu strives to reach every day.