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BOTOX, a product with a 30 year track record and safety profile comparable to aspirin, is used to relax the muscles in the face. Our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Chiu, uses BOTOX injectables on his patients who are seeking natural-looking, nonsurgical results. BOTOX can smooth out dynamic wrinkles and offer a more youthful appearance for patients who are trying to reverse the signs of aging on their facial skin, and is a powerful tool to prevent facial wrinkles from forming. We encourage our Pittsburgh, PA patients to schedule a consultation at Today's Cosmetic Surgery to learn about all of the benefits of BOTOX.

Ideal Candidates

During the initial consultation, Dr. Chiu will ask about the patient's concerns and goals to help them decide if BOTOX is the best treatment for them. Ideal candidates will:

  • Have deep dynamic lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive facial expressions
  • Have wrinkles that make you look sad, tired, or mad
  • Have a desire to prevent long term aging changes 
  • Want to complement the results of surgical procedures such as facelift and/or eyelid lift
  • Desire a nonsurgical treatment that can be used to improve facial asymmetry, particularly around the eyebrows
  • Looking for a no downtime procedure

What to Expect

A BOTOX treatment is usually performed on the same day as the consultation in about 15 – 30 minutes as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Chiu will clean the treatment sites before the BOTOX is injected into the facial muscles with a tiny needle. Most patients feel mild to no discomfort during the procedure, but local anesthesia/numbing cream can be used if the patient prefers. Temporary swelling or redness subsides within 15-20 minutes, and significant bruising is rare. Patients will be able to leave immediately after their BOTOX treatment, but they should avoid lying down, touching the injection sites, and exercise for the rest of the day.

Anticipated Results

Patients will see the effect of BOTOX in 3 – 10 days as the dynamic wrinkles begin to soften and smooth, and full results at 2-3 weeks out. BOTOX treatments usually last 3 – 6 months, depending on patient presentation and expectations, so patients are encouraged to schedule their next appointment after their treatment to maximize the preventative benefit of BOTOX treatments and to keep the results from fading. Our team recommends a follow-up appointment several weeks after the initial treatment to check the patient’s progress and to do a touchup treatment if needed.

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Smile Without the Lines

If you're dissatisfied with your facial wrinkles and signs of aging, then we encourage you to schedule a consult at our Pittsburgh, PA office. Consider BOTOX as an option. BOTOX is one of the safest, most trusted, FDA-approved injectables to smooth out fine lines and present a smoother complexion. 

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