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Laser Vein Removal in Pittsburgh, PA

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About Spider Vein Treatment

Spider and varicose veins are branch-like red and purple vessels that appear underneath the skin when the blood vessels become dilated or stretched out. These veins are most commonly present in the legs, but smaller spider veins and capillaries in the face, especially common around the cheek, nose and lip areas, can cause a patient to feel self-conscious due to their unappealing appearance. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Chiu, offers restoration to facial spider veins and capillaries, having used both laser technology and radio frequency (RF) techniques. Currently using the Cynosure Ellman Micro Radiofrequency System, Dr. Chiu is able to target the visible vessels using this intense energy delivery system to break down the blood vessels and reduce their overall size and appearance. His Pittsburgh, PA patients have seen remarkable results after a few sessions of laser vein treatments performed onsite at Today's Cosmetic Surgery. 

Best Candidates

Patients who are good candidates for laser/RF vein and capillary removal have:

  • visible small veins/capillaries on their face, or other smaller caliber vessels in other parts of the body
  • good general health before the procedure, with no blood clots or chance of pregnancy 
  • a desire for nonsurgical skin restoration
  • a desire for long-term results 

What to Expect

Before the laser/facial vein treatment, patients will receive a numbing agent, and go over the informed consent process. Once the patient is made comfortable, board-certified Dr. Chiu will use a device to administer the laser or RF pulses across the areas that need treatment. During this time, the intense pulses of energy will be absorbed by the veins, causing them to dissolve and reduce in size. Pain should be minimal, though the patient may feel a warming sensation due to the heat from the laser and RF energy. The entire procedure typically takes between 15 - 30 minutes. 

Anticipated Results

Patients should expect to see their full results within 90 days following their laser vein treatment, though the time period will vary for each patient. Some bruising, discoloration, or redness may occur after treatment for the first week. Patients may require multiple sessions to achieve their desired outcome, depending on how large their spider veins are. For best results, patients should avoid sun exposure to the treated areas.

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Improve Your Appearance

Seeking an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Chiu, to find a way to rid yourself of unattractive spider veins is often the best solution to improve your appearance. At Today's Cosmetic Surgery, our advanced laser/vein treatments can reduce or eliminate current spider veins appearing on your skin. We invite you to call our Pittsburgh, PA office and schedule a consultation today to learn more.

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