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RHA® Filler in Pittsburgh, PA

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What is RHA Filler?

Dynamic wrinkles are folds and creases that appear on the face due to the contraction of muscles when we smile, frown, or make any other facial expression. As we age, these wrinkles become more and more prominent, which can lead to insecurity for many men and women. The RHA® collection by Revance is the first and only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler for dynamic facial wrinkles and folds. At Today's Cosmetic Surgery, our staff — led by Dr. Robert Chiu — is highly trained in administering RHA, as well as a variety of other injectable treatments, for our patients in Pittsburgh, PA.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for RHA Filler?

Men and women of virtually all ages are welcome to undergo RHA injections. If you're unhappy with the presence of dynamic wrinkles in your face, contact a member of our team to discuss whether or not this treatment might be right for you. RHA works well for those with:

  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Crow's feet
  • Smile lines

How Does RHA Filler Work?

As with most other injectable treatments, RHA will be injected in several areas of your face. The HA serum will fill the space containing the wrinkle, which will effortlessly smooth out the skin in the affected area. This is able to be done without restricting movement in your face due to RHA being designed with the specific purpose of seamlessly adapting to movement in the face. This allows your face and expressions to maintain their natural appearance. There are multiple types of RHA, which are each designed for different severities of dynamic wrinkles. For example, RHA 2 and RHA 3 are meant to correct moderate to severe wrinkles, RHA 4 is designed to be injected deep into the dermis, correcting even some of the most severe wrinkles in the face.

What Results Can I Expect From RHA Filler?

Typically, the injection sites may appear to be slightly red and/or swollen following the procedure. However, these side effects are entirely common and usually reside within only a few hours. Other than this, there is no downtime or recovery associated with RHA injections. Patients are free to return to their normal daily schedules as soon as they leave our office. Most patients will notice results once the redness and swelling have subsided with many results lasting for about 24 weeks.

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Smooth Out Your Face

The RHA collection is a groundbreaking injection that is sure to make your face appear younger and smoother. Visit Today's Cosmetic Surgery in Pittsburgh, PA to meet with a member of our team and discuss the benefits of this exciting, new treatment. The talented team of Dr. Robert Chiu will ensure we utilize this treatment in order to best target any of your lingering insecurities of problem areas.

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